Leaders inevitably find themselves upfront. As a result leadership and communication are forever linked.  In this course you will learn how to make your next presentation your best presentation. 

Leadership endurance is crucial to effective leadership. This course explores the benefits and downfalls of moving beyond fears to a place where focus becomes the necessity to face repeated crisis. 

The final research paper will be in the form of a casual analysis essay. You will choose one of four figures from a list provided and research and report on the affects the figure you chose has had over the years on the American culture including kids, students, and adults. 



The Book of Acts records the establishment of the early church under the leadership of the Apostles, and the activity and growth of the church during the middle of the first century. In the modern church, Christians often turn to the book of Acts to explore questions related to the charismatic gifts, and to investigate different matters related to church government and authority. These concepts are certainly talked about in the Book of Acts. In this course students will discover what Luke's main point were, the big picture he tried to give readers as a context for understanding these secondary matters and the main thing he wanted his readers to learn and to do.

The Book of Revelation can be both exciting and confusing. It's exciting because it records dramatic visions about the role of Jesus and the church in the history of the world. But it's also confusing because its imagery is so foreign to modern readers. Even so, the overall message is clear: Jesus is returning in victory.