17 Credits

Educators will discover how to go beyond Christian perspectives on the subject matter and think about the teaching itself as Christian. Discover how faith has a critical role in shaping pedagogy and the learning experience.


  • Educators in every subject and age group will be more attentive to how their students are experiencing and interpreting learning 
  • Discover a myriad of opportunities to design classes that are deeply rooted in Christian practices
  • Create educational experiences that express faith and community

Most basic Christian moral standards are questioned today. Christian morality has always been challenged and rejected by many unbelievers. But today, even many believers have lost their moral footing. Moreover, even believers who want to live ethically are frequently perplexed by the complexities of modern ethical decisions. Without a doubt, most Christians need guidance in understanding how to make biblical choices in the modern world. Not surprisingly, the guidance that Christians need can be found in the Bible. With a proper study of the Bible's own system of ethics, Christians can learn how to evaluate problems in the modern world in order to arrive at biblical solutions.


  • Explain the Bible's system of morality by focusing on ethical standards, goals, and motives
  • Equip students to find biblical answers to modern moral dilemmas

Students will write an Argumentive Essay. They will argue their position from both sides and convince the reading professor they are solid on the side they chose. Students will integrate a biblical worldview into the essay.